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Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion Omake - The Adventures of White Rabbit

Bad news: I found my old photobucket account from 2005.

Good news: I found some old and incredibly crappy scans I did back in the day of this sickly adorable omake about these two demons and cleaned them up the best I could.

Spoilers for the unaware: In another omake (that I do not have scans of atm) Rabbit does find a Master. (Who happens to be in a gay relationship with an angel named Gabriel, and they adopt Rabbit.)

I was half tempted to make Ama-Inu say “I said git!” considering his speaking habits but I decided against it.

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Faction Themes: WIZ-DOM

The Enclosed Pentagram: WIZ-DOM
Known as “The Western Association of Spirit Leaders”, the members of WIZ-DOM represent western magery, which includes, but is not limited to: pagan, druidic, and even kabbalistic magic. They go by many terms such as witches, warlocks, wizards, and all other European-influenced symbols of magery.

Some might even be disguised as clerics of an established religion; although whether they are really part of these religions (WIZ-DOM members have been seen in both Catholic and Protestant denominations), it remains to be seen whether these are genuine alliances or mere cover for their true nature. Since their magic is of the western variety, skilled in a wide variety of occult practices. Common WIZ-DOM archetypes include sorceresses, alchemists, priestesses, knights, spirits and ghosts, and artificial beings (such as elementals and golems) created via magic. There are also a lot of scholars, as well as people proficient in fortune-telling techniques and archaic western weaponry.

WIZ-DOM considers the Arayashiki their mortal enemy. They fight for their own ways and their own homelands and care little for anything else. Well, except power, that is.
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frantically grabs you by the shoulders, leans in close
whispers "giant dog husband"


frantically grabs you by the shoulders, leans in close

whispers "giant dog husband"

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Nothing like another read-through of my favourite manga series to lift my crappy mood :3


Nothing like another read-through of my favourite manga series to lift my crappy mood :3

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30 Day Manga Challenge - Your very first manga.
Juvenile Orion.

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Mizunagi Appreciation Post


I’m rereading the JO manga and I’m at the part where Mizunagi comes in and kidnaps Mana, and hnng I forgot how handsome this motherfucker is.

Scolding people


Teleportin’ in yo windows and snatchin’ yo mindbreakers up


Explaining ransom


Gonna kill fellow EGObro Naoya


Getting mad at Isshin/Yi Xin for preventing him from killing Naoya


No wonder EGO men are rare, they’re a bunch of lil shits and too damn good looking to boot.

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Juvenile Orion Aquarian Age

So I went on a trip with my anime club to Torrance CA which was awesome !
You ever get the chance go there! There are some really cool places if your into anime/manga. Anyway we went to a few places one being a store that sells shows/movies/games/books for pretty cheep! A lot of their stuff is mainly from japan and most is hard to find in the US.
Many of the manga were older series most being out of print(making me want to buy everything I could ^^”” hehheh but I controlled myself ..sorta) I happen to find this series and it really caught my attention! :D sadly no volume four but I did get one, two, three and five! It’s very interesting id say lol I found out there are even cards that go along with it, of course meaning a card game! Well I was wondering if anyone knew about the series that could tell me more about it! Haha I’m about to read the second volume now ! ^^ if you do I’d be very happy to be able to talk about it!

Message me anytime :)

How are you liking it so far? 

Oh Volume 4 shouldn’t be that hard to track down online. The manga was so popular at release they had to do a second printing.

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So while I had this wig on earlier it occurred to me that it was already the right color and close to the right style for a character I’ve wanted to cosplay since I first started cosplaying back in high school: Tsukasa Amou from Juvenile Orion.

He was the original gay angel of my heart even before Kaworu, so now I might try to finally do him some justice.

Go for it!

We need more cosplayers in the fandom, do eet~

If anyone ever sees pics or ever just has plans to do a cosplay, let me know!

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